Sea Point Promenade

Seapoint Promenade

100 m from the Hyde - Sea Point offers visitors a variety of pubs, music clubs, coffee shops, restaurants and a lovely promenade along which to walk. Characterized by high-rise, luxury apartments, Sea Point offers urban entertainment in an atmosphere reminiscent of the Big Apple. The Sea Point Promenade runs the length of the Sea Point beach front, from Bantry Bay to Mouille Point, and is a great spot for a quiet stroll or an energetic jog.

Early morning and evening are particularly nice times. There are also a number of children’s playgrounds running the length of the promenade as well as a chlorinated, sea-water swimming pool complex open to the public at the Sea Point Pavilion. While the beaches are not ideal for swimming, they provide nice spots for relaxing on the white sand in the sun, or for a paddle or photo opportunity.

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