Five Rules for visiting Cape Town

21 July 2017
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Travelling to Cape Town soon and don't want to be caught up in weird and awkward situations that end up embarrassing you? Or do simply want to enjoy a holiday in the Mother City but also preserving the environment of the city and the locals' dignity? We have compiled a few travel rules to abide by while in Cape Town. These should make your stay in the city comfortable and make it easy for you to get around. 

Always carry a jacket

Cape Town weather is very unpredictable! You can expect to experience all four seasons in one day. At one point it's hot, the next minute it is cold, the other minute is completely overcast, and before you even know it, it's raining or it is windy. It is best to always carry a small jersey or a jacket, or anything that will keep you warm when the weather decide to play its tricks. An umbrella can be useful too. Remember, the weather is not always the same in all areas of the city, so it is best to always stay equipped.

Give 10% at restaurants and bars

Gratuity, commonly known as "tip" in Cape Town, is money customarily given by a client or customer to a service worker.  It is a custom that dates back to the 1700s in Europe where it was a token of appreciation to waiters, bartenders, bellboys etc. Some countries have since adopted the custom but others have not. South Africa has generally adopted it and it forms a major part of service workers' income. So when you eat at a restaurant or have a drink at the bar, it is highly recommended that you give a tip to the person that serves you.Taxi drivers and hotel staff are also among the other service workers that get tips.  Generally, the amount of the tip is 10% of your total bill. Some people give more and you are welcome to do so, should you feel the need to. In some countries, the tip is included in the the bill or check  and some restaurants in Cape town are starting to do the same. So be sure to check whether it is included or not when you receive your bill. 

Ask before taking people's pictures

Pictures can be a very sensitive thing for most locals. It is for that reason we recommend you to ask for their permission before you take their pictures. Some art and crafts sellers are also very adamant to having their product photographed, always ask for permission. 

Take a picture with the Table Mountain in the background

This is an ultimate must do! At the V&A Waterfront, there is a  large picture frame which provides an iconic view of one of nature‚Äôs New 7 Wonders, Table Mountain. A similar frame is also at the Cape Point, which is  a perfect spot to stop by while taking a drive through the Cape Peninsula. 

Be Environmentally Friendly as much as you can

Cape Town is a beautiful city and with preserving the beauty of the city come the social responsibility of every person in the city to look after our environment. So, be sure that the activities you take part in are environmentally friendly. Another thing you can look out for is saving water. Cape Town is currently experiencing a serious water crisis and helping save water will be a "must do". Hotels are encouraging 3 minute showers and you can use waterless car washes when you want to wash your rental car. 

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