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Top Fitness tips when visiting Sea Point

15 January 2019

The year has started and you have set yourself some goals to be more active this year. Being active while traveling should be hassle-free and at The Hyde Hotel, we ensure that you can still keep fit. We have compiled a list of options to fit your fitness goals and needs.

The gym at The Hyde

The gym at The Hyde Hotel is fully equipped to help you keep fit during your stay with us. With 24-hour access, weights, weight machines, a treadmill, a spinning bike, a rowing machine, and fresh air, this is the best place to work out. We also have the Sky Deck pool where you can cool off after a hard session in the gym.

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The Promenade brings together cyclists, dog-walkers, joggers, skaters, amblers, and lively sunset watchers so you will always have the chance to meet someone new. Stroll, jog or cycle along Sea Point Promenade when visiting the Hyde Hotel.

Running along the Promenade

With the fresh air in your longs, the sun on your face and beautiful views to gaze at, the Promenade is the perfect route to take on for a run. Every Saturday there is even a 5km Parkrun where you can run with all the other running enthusiasts.

The Urban gym at the Promenade

If you like to exercise in nature and you like to gym, the Urban gym along Sea the Promenade is the perfect workout place. Get a full-body workout at the outdoor gym area. The gym consists of weight machines, bars, an elliptical and more, all firmly situated on a large circular platform.

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To end of your workout or to just cool off, take a swim in the Olympic sized pool at Sea Point.

With all the exercising options to fit your fitness needs and goals whilst traveling, you can feel assured when staying at The Hyde Hotel.

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