COVID-19 Safety Measures

At The Hyde Hotel & Spa, we take your safety seriously. 

Please feel free to download our PDF document outlining our Safety Measures.

The below summaries what we have implemented in this unprecedented Covid-19 era. If you have any specific questions for us regarding any of these procedures, please reach out to us on reservations@thehydehotel.com or on +27 (0) 21 434 0205


  • Training
  • Amended HR protocols
  • Sanitization of all areas
  • Heating all hot water systems to 60 degrees
  • Flushing of all hot and cold water systems
  • Daily temperature recording and active screening of staff
  • Self-assessment screening of staff
  • Opening windows
  • Water and power – water tests
  • Drainage
  • Fridges
  • Pest control
  • Waste area
  • Hotel bedrooms
  • Food purchases and safe receiving
  • Purchase and disposal of PPE
  • Security role
  • Restaurant service
  • Dishwashing – temperature check + 70 degrees
  • Allocation of duties
  • Rostering teams
  • Installation of physical barriers where practical
  • Hotel check in screening questionnaire
  • Medical surveillance


  • Hand hygiene
  • Removal of PPE
  • Hand sanitation
  • What is Covid-19
  • No hugging
  • Elevator sign
  • Social distancing sign
  • How the employee can protect themselves


The safety of all staff and guests against the Coronavirus will continue to be a very important aspect to keep the virus at bay. It is therefore important that staff have the correct PPE, equipment and chemicals to keep staff and guests safe.

Mandatory PPE & cleaning equipment will include the following:

  • Face masks – reusable or disposable
  • Gloves
  • Shoe covering for bedrooms
  • Infra-Red non-contact thermometer
  • Colour coded cloths
  • Paper hand towel
  • Sanitising wet wipes
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Bio spill kit
  • Disposable plastic bags


The processes below are mandatory for all staff arriving for work. Safe social distancing demarcation at all staff entrances. Staff must constantly be reminded to keep a safe social distance

Arrival of Staff:

  • All staff reporting for work will have to have their temperature taken and this will be recorded. This process will be allocated to a responsible manager who fully understands the protocols.
  • Records are kept and any staff member showing signs of a temperature may not be permitted on to the property.
  • Staff will have their shoes, handbag, cell phone and facemask sprayed with sanitizer.
  • The staff member may then proceed to the staff bathroom to wash and sanitise hands, change into work clothes and then wash and sanitise hands again.
  • Staff will receive reminders via sms and Whatsapp every half hour to wash or sanitise hands as a constant reminder and to keep staff safe.
  • Housekeeping training records kept on the correct cleaning methods for public areas, back of house areas, restaurant, kitchen and guests bedroom.
  • Only detergents containing a disinfectant will be used in all areas and together with the disinfectant detergent all surfaces and touch points will be sanitised. A record will be kept by the cleaning attendant of cleaning and sanitising schedules.
  • Staff will be rostered in 2 teams with limited to no contact with one another. In the event that one member of the team falls ill, the whole team will be isolated.
  • After each staff change over all touch points must be sanitised
  • Staff members who can work remotely will do so.
  • Staff meetings will be kept to a minimum and happen over zoom.

Arrival of Guests:

  • All guests arriving will be treated with kindness and respect but they are to understand that we will do everything possible to ensure the well-being of all persons on the property and as such all safety protocols must be followed.
  • Social distancing demarcation at all entrances and reception areas.
  • Guest luggage will be sanitised on arrival, guest’s shoes, hands will be sanitised and a face mask will be handed to the guest on arrival.
  • There will be a guest screening station set up at the main entrance and every guest before being allowed to check- in must complete the Guest Screening documents and have their temperature taken with a non-touch thermometer.
  • Once cleared, the guest may proceed to reception desk to check in.
  • At check-in, the receptionist, before handing anything over for a guest must sanitise their hands and all the items in front of the guests, before commencing with the check in. The guests in turn, must also sanitise their hands again, before transacting with the hotel staff.
  • No cash will be accepted during this time. Credit card and cleared EFT payments are the only method of payment in this time.
  • Each guest checking in must sanitise any credit cards before handing them over to the hotel receptionist if applicable and the receptionist will do the same in return. All credit card machines must be sanitised before and after every use with 70% alcohol based sanitizer.
  • The receptionist must sanitise the key card before handing this to the guests.
  • Only one person can check-in or stand at reception at a time, but should more than one person be waiting check-in, guests must queue at least 1.5m apart from one another. This will be demarcated clearly for the guests.
  • Social distancing must be practised in the elevators and elevators will be demarcated. 

Public Areas:

  • The hotel transport will be demarcated for social distancing and limits the number of guests on transport to adhere to social distancing rule.
  • The hotel gym will remain closed
  • The hotel swimming pool will remain closed
  • Staff working in public areas will wear a mask
  • Staff working in public areas will only wear gloves when cleaning bathrooms.
  • Hotel cleaning staff will continue to follow well documented methods and continue to sanitise all touch points. A time table will be issued by management on the frequency of sanitisation.
  • All non-essential decorative items will be removed from public areas
  • All public bathrooms will have hand sanitizer in addition to hand wash soap
  • At the end of the shift all cleaning cloths will be soaked for 30 minutes in disinfectant and then washed at high temperature and tumble dried.
  • Chemical caddies, mops, brooms, dusters and buckets will be washed with hot water and soap and sanitised at the end of every shift. Back of house areas and waste areas
  • Staff bathrooms will have soap and sanitizer.
  • Staff will be allocated to clean all touch points regularly with disinfectant and sanitizer.
  • Bio Hazard boxes will be made available for the disposal of gloves and masks.
  • Waste areas will be kept spotlessly clean and all floors and bins washed and sanitised.
  • Paper towels will be made available for staff to dry their hands.

Guest Rooms:

  • All non-essential items will be removed from the guest room.
  • No staff member may enter a guest room when a guest is present in the room
  • All cleaning attendants must wear PPE when servicing a guest room
  • Constant monitoring by management staff of all areas to ensure the process are being followed/
  • Soiled linen is folded and placed in a plastic bag before transporting to the housekeeping department.
  • Gloves must be worn when cleaning bathrooms. A mask must be worn at all times.
  • Cleaning attendants are to sanitise their hands, clothes and shoes after every exit from a room and entry into the passage and the next room.
  • Standard well established housekeeping protocols are to be followed and ensuring that each member of the team has correct colour coded cloths, cleaning detergents with disinfectant and hand sanitizer.



  • All conference venues will remain closed
  • Meeting rooms: removal of notepad & pen, coaster and individual bottle of water from table set up. Leave on credenza and ensure glasses are protected with Sani caps.
  • Placement of chairs to confirm social distancing Bars
  • Bars will remain closed
  • Bar stools will be placed 2 metre apart from each other with markers on the floor
  • Ice machines to have scoops at all times


  • Breakfast buffet will remain closed when occupancy is low. Items will be offered A la Carte or as pre-packed options.
  • Cold items will be reduced in portion size to a single serving per plate, wrapped in cling film. Only a few plates will be placed on the buffet with back-up in the kitchen. Each guest takes one plate to the table.
  • Markers to be placed on floor for the buffet queue


  • Restaurant
  • Hostess will record each guest entering the restaurant for tracking and trace purposes.
  • Queue of guests entering the restaurant will be 1 metre apart from each other
  • All cutlery will be wrapped in triple pocket fold
  • Restaurant tables to be 2 metres apart from each other with markers on the floor
  • All condiments will be wiped with sanitizer wipes before and after each serving period and every 15 minutes during service.
  • Menus will be wiped with sanitizer wipes when they are taken from guests
  • Number of guests will be controlled to be not more than 50 at a time

Room Service:

  • All food to be covered at all times. 
  • Tray delivered outside the bedroom by waiter and placed on table outside the door. 
  • Waiter knock on the door and stand back 2 meters.
Covid 19 Infographic The Hyde Cape Town

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